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2007-08-23 13:53:44 by GabroeZombie

hey all! I'm back from my 2 week trip, and I made about a ton of drawings. I decided to work out on animating, and I hope many people will like stuff I do. For now I post a picture for viewing.

He is behemoth frontlien character of the "stylez series" he is a giant with a much bigger heart. his stomach is a monitor...

So much for this time. Byez all!




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2007-08-23 15:08:14

Monitor stomach?

Reminds me of Teletubbies...


<3 -t

GabroeZombie responds:

Don't be kiddy.... Anyways, If I finish you're gonna think otherwise


2007-08-29 15:21:32

That's a nice robot, you'll be seeing more projects from me soon.

GabroeZombie responds:

Thx Nim... I didn'T expect a comment from you... Anyways THX!